Monday, 18 July 2011

A Little About Me?

I drink my tea by the pint,
I shower a certain way,
I do not believe in;
Going to the doctors, dentists or opticians,
As I know myself better than they can.
I listen to what people say,
But I don't always believe them;
I like to be a big kid and play,
For it is always more fun.
I tie my shoes a special way,
I like to dress like an old man;
I pick flowers for people,
Smile for them,
And forgive as best I can.
I have many dreams
And make many plans,
But it is often hard to motivate myself.
I am making more of an effort against this!
I am not concerned with wealth,
But I understand the value of money.
I can find humour, joy, and beauty
In anything;
I take sexual references and innuendos
From everything,
I can be serious when needed,
But only if I see fit,
And don't expect me to remember something
Because I am bound to forget it.
People think I am crazy,
They are probably right, probably;
I treat my dog as a sister,
I treat my sister
I believe myself a good cook,
And I believe myself a good lover;
At birth I was adopted,
But I don't mind not know my mother.
I like to ride bikes,
I think the great outdoors is grand,
I like to drive,
Although currently I'm banned.
I swim in the sea,
I have two tattoos
And can grow a beard,
I do things randomly
Which to others, seem quite weird.
I like the taste of raw meat,
I like my food anything but hot,
I don't like technology:
I much prefer the paper and the pen;
I will try anything once,
Bleach and line cleaner - never again.

I am Matthew David Legg,
I am also Leggy Leggz,
But I should be David Latus.
Names are just names, you see,
And words just words;
If you want to really know the person,
Spend some time and see, because
That is what really matters.

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