Monday, 6 December 2010

Playing God

O how sweet and timid thou art,
Verminous creature of city and town,
Let me take the place
Of your tired wings,
Take some warmth from my skin,
As the day draws weary of the earth,
Let me burden all your sins,
Walk a while with me
Feathered brother of mine,
Be us dogs with no home or master,
Do not speak for it falls on deaf ears,
I will hold you gently,
You do not have to fear,
I am god and I am the reaper,
Know this because I am here,
I will comfort you and show compassion,
Take heed of the beauty in this;
As the clock ticks your terminal hour,
Your life has come to fruition,
A means to an end,
Lie still and let the executioners axe,
Guide you swiftly from this world,
Saint Peter's gate your soul to send,
As I relinquish you from my love and we doth part,
Such a hated creature by all, but
O how timid and sweet thou art!

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