Thursday, 23 December 2010

Sweet To a Sweet Tooth

How can this love be real,
Never before have I felt
The way she makes me feel;
Walking on air, floating away,
Her touch, her kiss, her smell.
Each time I see her my lust doth grow,
In my body my heart begins to swell.
She is everything and all I see;
No blinkers, hallucinations, or sorcery.
I see clear and by God's word true
My soulmate, perfection, everything:
Why the fish swim and the doves coo;
Why lions roar and the songbirds sing.
She is the only one
That I could be with,
No other person could even come close;
The one and only reason I live,
My partner that Love's love chose.
Until my dying day she will be the only one,
Into infinity: even after my body
And the Earth hath gone.
She is a woman - the only woman
The only person I think of sexually;
From 'til the end of time, I pledge
She is the only woman
I will be with intimately;
My wife, my life, my felicity.
Everything I want and the reason
For everything I want to be.
I love everything about her
And the way she makes the world seem.
She is really real
But as perfect as a perfect dream.
She is everything I live for
And what makes me me;
God only knows how much
I love you caKe & Tea

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