Saturday, 18 December 2010

Summer TV Glow Sun Tans

Three buttons and four arrows,
Technologies advanced but still
Can't compete, Boyhood memories
Played out in 64Bit, One chance:
Many lives but just one chance
To be the hero, play it again
New strategies, tactics, some fizzy
and chocolate, we can do this
I don't want to see game over,
The sad faces filling screens
Presenting a dejected character;
Game over - continue the choice
Is yours, For the glory, the win,
Names on leaderboards and highscores,
Best friends battling side-by-side
Saving each other; sacraficing lives,
Onwards to a highscore, The furthest
You have ever been, Up pops a man with
Racing form in hand, game over as he says
'Go outside to play you have been on this all day'
It is over and we are defeated but still alive
Tomorrow to complete the game
On my Sega Mega Drive.

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