Sunday, 5 December 2010

To Barbara

A hideaway for all in love;
For trysting couples and eloping lovers.
Barbara - A woman of age,
To which wisdom and knowledge,
Keeps her beauty fresh.
Within her walls lustful dreams,
Played out and become reality;
The proprietor of a place,
Built on and maintained by love:
Love lusting for the night, and
Love stitching together the days.

We grace your step on a dark winter's night,
Bride and bridegroom at an alter,
As newlyweds in love we enter, and
As mr. and mrs. signing the register.
Up into the sky we fly,
For our honeymoon - room three,
The best suite available at the A to Z.
As I look at you;
Passion and joy fill my soul,
As your husband I feel complete:
I feel whole.

A bed to consumate our wedding vows,
Within Cupid's house: Under Aphrodite's gaze,
As poison tip doth pierce our flesh,
Two hearts captured on the one arrow.
I spill my blood, my life,
My soul into you,
Our bodies entwined in reverent embrace,
Clasped hands at prayer,
My skin adheres to yours and we merge,
I give myself, everything I am and have to you.

To Barbara; our priest and our host,
Cupid, Aphrodite, God above,
To us you hath blessed,
An everlasting love.

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