Monday, 6 December 2010

The Brine Teases (Sui Caedere)

As the wavering moon takes his place in the sky
And the eternal darkness descends over the ocean,
Waves blackened and scorched
Like the skin of the serpent
Slithering seductively along the swells surface,
Of this vast river of Styx: Calling me
Into the brimstone, ever burning and dark,
Like a thousand days of night,
I stare, lost, trapped; Just a fish in a net,
The dance of the femme fatale,
I want to throw myself onto the coals,
Feel the dark fires consuming me forever,
Peeling away the skin and flesh,
Bones floating like driftwood
On the sulphurous sea.
Numb; I teeter on the edge betwixt,
This earth on which I reside,
And the redemption-less never ceasing tortures
Suffered upon the brimstone fires
Of the river of Styx.
I cannot hold on no more,
Now unto the dark I am to cast myself,
Poised I take my last taste of the ether
And topple my body forward,
You hold on to me as I look down
Into the never ending pit,
Into the fires at Pandemonium,
So save me, pick me up from whence I fell,
My love, my soul to you it all,
You doth save me at the gates of hell.

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