Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Cigarette Light

I braced myself, savouring the warmth each drag of my cigarette gave me. The snow falling heavy, I am already damp through, hat pulled down almost over my eyes. As the train pulls to a halt in this black and white cinema reel I step forward. As a mass of passengers alight from the carriages I slow my pace. Through the crowd she walks; making conversation with strangers. Unmistakable: Her beauty and grace, She burns an image through the ice and snow lighting up the dark night's sky. She cuts a figure through the crowd like Crawford, Dietrich or Blyth. Who have I buttered up so well to befall this fortune. I don't ask too much; thinking it is best to save these sort of questions for when she slips away out the back door. I greet her and we talk a little all the while I am fighting back the temptation just to grab her right there, never let go. Best not, I thought to myself, as that is a sure-fire way to scare a girl right back onto the train she just got off. Instead I play the gentleman trying to keep her interested and the conversation light. I walk her through the deathly quite streets to the hotel. A show within the main room, she had said on the telephone. My motive wasn't to see the show. A popular girl, I thought to myself as we were met out in the snow by some friends of hers and I was introduced. Inside we found ourselves a table and got some drinks. A lady that drinks lager with a dash of lime added effeminately. As we sit I can't help but stare at her beauty. Like a monster coveting the damsel. We talk, she laughs; I ease up a little, relax in my seat. During the intermission we leave the stuffy candlelit room and head out onto a balcony overlooking the sea. Maybe I am playing it too cool as she pushes me to kiss her. By the time this thought crosses my mind it is too late for games. Fireworks, as our lips meet under the snowfall, like the guns of an armada all firing simultaneously. At that moment we both know; that to each other we belong. As I hold her in my arms tight a veil of snow settles upon her long black hair. We retire back to the warmth of that stuffy room. The intermission over but I could feel something was just beginning. Inside as we watched the rest of the show I squeezed and stroked her knee; as if to reassure her that my intentions are true. The show over we walk out once more into the snow. This time we walk locked together like a couple tomorrow to be wed. Suspicious of my lottery win I wonder if maybe I am just a patsy hook, line and sinker to take the rap for someone. I brush this thought from my mind as I would gladly become worm-food as long as I could hold on to this feeling she gives me. We catch a cab into town. A scary journey to say the least as it seems our driver must be giving chase to someone. We step out in town and go for a few drinks. Talking, kissing, we walk through the snow without any thought to the cold. I feel as a boy on Christmas morning with this girl. Beautiful, intelligent with an air of confidence so perfect. As we walk I make a promise to myself to not screw this up. Like a man with a Faberge egg you don't mess around with something this special. We go to see a band play within the Station hotel's small bar. Our comfort and confidence growing we talk of things seemingly crazy. The talk of books and matinee plays but something about it feels right. It blows my mind and I feel like I could jump for joy that she feels the same; but I don't. Play it cool, you don't want to break the line when your reeling in a mermaid. At the bar a holy woman with the looks of a whore-house Madame. A special deal for eloping lovers. I know from this point on I will always have her. We step up to her alter and become husband and wife. No wedding dress or congregation. Just the veil of snow upon your head and a sparkle within each eye. I give my soul to my soul-mate. You sign the register within this plain and drab room. The smell of fried breakfasts hang in the air like bodies from the gallows. T's crossed and I's dotted, a smile and a kiss. The keys to the honeymoon suite placed in hand, as the door closes behind the holy woman already back at the bar. We follow suit walking the few paces across the desolate snow covered road, sitting like a half-painted canvas, to the bar. We celebrate and toast each other with a drink. I don't know if she can tell when I look into her eyes but she has made me the happiest man on the planet. Like a bone to a dog or cream to a cat. We finish up our drink, its is already quite late and it has been quite an eventful evening, and retire back to our room. Our first night as husband and wife. Like a thousand nights dreams come true as I hold you in my arms. Kissing your body, your flesh against mine as we consummate our vows. Your like a work of art, perfect, untouchable. I caress your curves, feel your bones through skin and run my fingers through your hair. I cannot believe it as I lie in bed with you. Your body illuminated by the street lamp outside the window. I finish my cigarette, savouring little to leave room for you. We lie naked in the bed, you in my arms. You switch out the light.

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