Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Walk Home

By full moons light we walk
To each other; tales of love we talk
Crunching snow on snow covered paths,
As the night meanders by silently.

Cheese and pickle picnic in the cold
Warmed by a scolding hot old flask
Of metallic tasting tea. The first
Hour of the day and to others
We must be a sight to see.

Not one care in the world I have
Right now walking by your side;
The moon casts shadows dark
Through the branches of a naked tree,
You tell me that if you upped and died
Right here, that you would die happy.

You always say how sad you feel
And that parting is such a shame;
I pull you close and reassure, but
Inside I can't help but feel the same.
What good is being sad
And dwelling on the past,
Getting upset about what's gone before
And worrying that it wont last.

These times before we met
You should definitely not think about,
Because one thing I know for sure
And I know without a doubt, is that
I love you like no other Bonny
That has ever been before, Bonny.
It is you and only you Bonny
That I cannot live without.

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