Tuesday, 7 December 2010


With all its majesty and grandeur,
This temple is just a ruin,
Derelict you don't live here anymore,
Just statues and paintings within picture frames,
This opulent stone hall of worship,
Now a market stall; a corporation
To which men and devils play out their courtship,
Not one vessel that resides faith is here.
Like a friend I came to spend time,
Not give thanks and praise
But this house is empty.
Gone is the man whom commanded respect
Through love, compassion, and fear.
Your congregation diminished: terminal burrowing,
Hypothermic dying animals left out in the street.
The bells in the tower peel off into silence,
The gates closed and the door bolted shut,
The windows dark and the candles all burnt out,
Organs memory and choirs song now stale.
As the angels and the Madonna's statue cry,
This once grand and majestic church,
Now just God's sarcophigi

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