Monday, 13 December 2010

The Doppelganger's Dream

Pain and discomfort reside in my body,
I watch the night consume the world
Reaching out, beckoning me into the black,
The sea teases and tempts me in;
Clouds that shroud the night's grave mission
Chase me, saddled upon the wind,
My doppelganger dances in mirthful gaiety
To the last chorus of Death's song,
The moon turns away from my plight;
Her last look one of pity.
Skin falls from flesh and flesh from bone,
My bones dry and disintergrate to dust,
Her tears wash away my dust
Carried away on the light of the day's sun
Kicking and screaming, my nails bite into the earth
As my body and soul is dragged into the ether -
An aeriform spectre of life spent;
Eternal suffering to which I now belong
As I gaze upon you for evermore;
Never to feel the warmth of your naked body,
To touch and share soft words with you.
Never again to taste sweet kisses
And to join in perfect loving embraces.
I cry tears, that never dry, for you,
Speak words of love so just and true
That you will never hear;
I plead with my doppelganger into eternity
To show me the path that leads your way.
As Death grasped my hand to steal me away
I saw, and feared even more,
My only true fear;
A fear too cruel for any man to see -
To spend all time without having you with me.

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