Monday, 6 December 2010

Calling For A Friend

Twenty Richmond Superkings,
And a bottle of cheap scotch.
Looking introvertedly to a night alone.
Glasses of lager and beer,
A martini mixer from an oversized bottle,
Friends for life,
To which everything has been told,
But of me the do not know,
We share life,
But our hearts do not spill,
Never expecting anything,
We live in harmony,
Two friends united;
Two friends free.
Wrestling in the snow,
Slipping over on the ice,
We fake upset and anger,
Just to see the response.
We laugh and joke about it all,
To each other we cut deep,
The shocking and vulgar wins;
Over well-constructed punchlines.
Just two people,
Two people with no common interests:
Apart from each other,
Just two friends,
And to each a brother.

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