Monday, 6 December 2010

The Dance Of The Doppelganger Around My Deathbed

Eyes glance down upon,
The scarlet soaked paper in hand,
Faint shock rolls over within,
As I wash it away,
The doppelganger sees;
Icy cold hands reaching forth,
Ready to seperate this soul from my body,
Like my ghostly twin - I have known for some time.
I do not fear the sower of the seed,
As he comes to rake in the harvest,
I will bow my head and fall,
Shattering like a stalactite,
Built up over time and,
Breaking off in the thaw,
I will leave behind nothing,
My spirit just a haze,
Like the heat rising from the tarmac,
On a warm summers day,
Destined to trade places,
With this malevolent spectre of mine,
Watching from the shadows,
Following on the breeze,
Haunted by the silence of time.
Don't cry for me my wife,
As the news comes through,
For me: That I've gone,
For this body of mine is but a vessel,
To which like a hermit crab,
He desires for his own,
But never will he wear,
My soul like the second-hand boots of the dead,
To you it belongs eternally,
As a wedding band upon your finger.
Do not grieve for I will never be gone,
As monkey puzzle turns to pure black jet,
Look up to the sky at night,
As each drop of rain,
Places itself gently against your skin,
My kisses softly against you face,
Drops freeze and turn to snow,
Your veil on our wedding day.
As my body stiffens,
Contorting as I am dragged from this earth,
Let my smile shine through,
This smile belongs to you.

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