Monday, 13 December 2010

The Purgatory Of Day

Too late to summon myself to blissful sleep,
Too early to be expelled from the night and awake.
I sit uneasy in the waiting room of life
The void between day and night;
Betwixt paradise and perdition.
In this purgatory I repent, and
Pray to rulers sat in heaven and in pandemonium
For the night to consume me, or
The day to come save me.

Time slows and the candlelight flickers
As icy breath from umbrageous paths close in,
Pied Pipers music spills from my looking glass
To mask the thundering run as the hounds move forth.
Drowned out by the deafening silence of fear
I cower and fawn praying into the black
For the Sun and his atoning light to appear.

No rejoice heard as the darkness does not abate nor slake,
Vociferous cries of pain beg entry
As Belial pulls me towards Lethe
To be nevermore in nothingness.
As I sink into oblivion a saving hand pulls me free:
Colopatiron guides me toward sunrise,
First beam of mornings sweet light
lighting safe passage to thee.

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