Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Man In The Snow

I am: But a path from nowhere to nothing;
I see no begining and no end,
You mean everything to me:
You are my best friend.
The purest white offset by a ceiling so black,
You are everything:
And make up for everything I lack.
You know things -
That no one else could know;
To you my true self,
I can but only show.
You feel the same way;
As I but do too,
Yourself and everything about you,
The reason I want you.
Pure white powder;
That I wash my face with,
No matter what:
To you I want to give,
Myself and all.
Now belong to you,
Fear not:
Please know that I am true,
This night -
Let it be a foundation,
On which I build my house with you.

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