Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Finger Promise

I throw myself into your den
Standing before your eyes,
Devour me, consume me, I am your feast.
Never to love again and to you I tell no lies.
The most dangerous creature the world has ever seen,
But you are not a beast;
You are a lady, a woman,
The mother of our child;
I love you, fancy you, lust after you,
You make me crazy and drive me wild.
I will honour my promise and always be true,
If you left me tomorrow you left me with nothing
The only one who can destroy me is you.
I am body without heart and soul,
Because to you they belong
And forever they are yours.
I trust you completely to me you could never do wrong.
I will stay with you forever
Until the sun lights its last day,
Each night in my arms and beyond this life
Into grave eternity beside you I will stay.
I do but only write these words
In hope that my actions will verify,
Your happiness: all the riches in the world
And if you so wish the stars in the sky,
For you anything I would give;
Everything I have; my clothes, my fingers and my toes,
To you I would give them all
Because you are the reason that I live.

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