Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Letter From A Masochist

I don't care for you or care for them,
I never really did:
I am selfish and do not like to be around
People with problems;
Other people's problems,
They have a nasty tendency
Of becoming your own.
I would apologise to you,
If you were here in person
But you are not so I wont, I would say,
Sorry for faking worry and angst
When presented with you and
Your problems and woes.
Sorry but I was pretending
So I could blend in,
With this crowd and
So I could make friends
To help keep me out of trouble;
Plus: I wanted to sleep with your friends.
Do not misread me.
I am not a bad person and would not
Like to see you in a bad way;
What I would like
Is for you and everyone
To leave me alone,
Stop trying to hold on to something
That was so clearly defined
In the beginning, we didn't speak
And I wish it had stayed that way,
I had often laughed when you cried
But, please, take some comfort,
Because I had also at others.
If you keep bothering me
And bide your time, I am sure
You will see me hurting and upset;
Then you too can delight
In such sadistic pleasures,
So much so that you can taste
Tears and blood on your tongue.
Don't bide, take,
Poke at me with sticks, through bars,
As I cower fetally; kick me
Into my own shit and piss
Laughing, in harmonies
With my cries of, complete,
Pain and humiliation;
Spit in my eyes
And slap me, hold my head while
You pour piss in my face.
Enjoy it! I would enjoy
Your suffering, and would go
Even further. I would cut
And burn you, and I would never tell,
Just like if it happened
To me, just do it! Enjoy it
Because I hate you.

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