Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Footprints In The Snow

Footprints in the snow,
Crisp, fresh, romantic,
Snowed over or melted away,
Gone for no one else to see;
No one else to know,
In love trying too hard,
Ultimately ending up being pedantic,
As it fades - it is always better not to stay,
Open your eyes and you will agree,
Fain fake love just for show,
The wounds still ache:
The buried glass shard,
Defining true love is just being semantic,
Happiness is for what we all pray,
Allah, Buddha, The Holy Trinity,
Sometimes it is best if you just go,
True for both our sake,

Don't think that as I lie awake,
That I will ever forget,
Guilt might fall and upon me beset,
I can't hide all pain when it doesn't go right,
But I will always try my hardest and with all my might,
Let us just live and hope,
That one day or one night,
That you will realise and see,
That what I did was right,
I didn't do it selfishly,
I didn't just do it for me.

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