Friday, 19 November 2010

Inside My Head 13/7/2007

Today I felt like suicide,
But what battle would that have won,
I wish I'd curled up and died,
But sadly that could not be done.

These thoughts and feelings inside my head,
I sit here wishing people were dead.

I want all these emotions to be calmed,
The way it's going something will be harmed.

All these arguments going on with me,
Glaring my way what good will it do?
I just wish I could see;
Wearing the other shoe.

My heart has no place to call home,
I feel so unwelcome and cold,
I should be left out to roam,
Until I am worthless and old.

Today I felt like suicide:
But I didn't go through with it,
Something inside did - And died.

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