Sunday, 21 November 2010


As bright cloud filled sky,
Plays melodies of rain,
Ballet dancing birds fly,
Water kisses against window pane.

The clock marches on,
As the silence screams,
Not a soul: Everyone gone,
All that is here is memories and dreams.

This is not a place of sadness,
Nor is there any space for badness,
A place to find love this may be,
A refuge for those tired and lonely.

I search empty rooms for you my dear,
Corridors long tunnels at the end is light,
Not a soul: You were never here,
Cowering in darkness I wait out the night.

Derelict and empty with the dust I belong,
Walking the halls and every corridor,
Until death comes fading away to your song,
Life spent - taken away: The wave against the shore.

Death - As in life I shall love you evermore.

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