Friday, 19 November 2010

To Whom It May Not Concern 25/1/2008

I want to float away with the wind. Tearing through clouds heading to an unknown destination. I can relax my whole body and glide limp through the currants like the fluttering appendixes of trees. I can see whole continents from up here but none seem as desirable as they might once have been. All I care for is to continue floating in this gaseous ocean that is the sky. Up here I remember nothing and learn everything for I am a God in my own realm. The clouds are my carriages that carry me up to the stars. The blues skies like the tranquil long forgotten lakes of afore. I look up as if to ask for more. I never look down for I do not belong to this world!

I dream my dreams but during the light,
Flowing from my soul like streams in the night,
In hope they glisten and twinkle bright,
Before I can realise they're out of sight,
I try with all my might,
all of them swept into the endless white.

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