Saturday, 20 November 2010

To My Best Friend. From The Worst Friend You Have Ever Had

You were my best friend in the whole wide world,
The best friend a person could ever have,
I used to laugh at your expense,
I laughed when you fell down the hill drunk that time,
I laughed when we scared you,
I laughed when I drunk all the alcohol in your mothers flat,
I sniggered with the person that stole your bike;
And then fell out with you because the police showed up at mine.
I was always bad to you and never nice;
But you were my best friend:
My only true friend - Like a brother to me.
We used to sit all day,
Drinking cider and smoking weed.
My mother thought you were sweet.
Your mother hated me and eventually banned me,
From your flat.
I remember all those times with you;
Sitting on benches bleary eyed.
Eating sun-lollies until they were all gone,
We would talk for hours if not days;
About everything possible:
Theorising, deciphering and sometimes just chatting.
Do you remember that time?
At our wake and bake;
When Andy nearly died,
And we were screaming at those people to come and help.
You just slapped him really hard and he came round,
We held it in;
But laughed so hard together,
After he had left.
We sparred together at the bandstand,
Tagged the sea castle and the side of Louise's.
Do you remember knocking up chinky Tony,
The temple, The bench behind Becky's house,
The rope swing in the woods, the hide under the spa?
Do you remember any of this?
I remember so much;
And regret so much more.
You were a friend for life,
A true friend.
I don't know you now;
And you don't know me.
I miss the times that we spent together,
As a friend I should have treated you better.
Times change and we all grow up;
I suppose.
I was just writing to see if you were still alive,
I hope your not yet dead.

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