Friday, 19 November 2010

To Whom It May Not Concern 25/1/2008 (2)

I see great beauty in every thing. From the birth and death of all that lives to the world itself. What seems inanimate is constantly changing like that of flowers coming into bloom and eventually wilting. What has gone before did till the land and their spent lives do make it fertile. This is not a cycle but a process that creates an infinite of unique outcomes. The man-made woodlands and streams echo that of natures in function and form. The say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it is also the eye and the beholder. A rose is considered a beauty for the vibrancy of its bloom's colour, yet to see a human spill this colour from their body is deemed horrific. Beauty makes everything what it is?

Beauty is more than skin deep,
It is the world around us,
And the company we keep.
Beauty glistens in the tears,
Of those who weep,
Without it life is cheap.
Beauty is as beauty does,
Beauty is in all of us!

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