Friday, 19 November 2010

Little Boy 13/7/2007

I wish I could fly away,
To a place that is happy and gay.
I wish I could forget this pain;
Wash it away and down the drain.
I wish I could do what is right and good,
I am trying hard like I know I should.
I wish I had a family that loves and cares,
Instead of one all about splitting hairs.
I wish I had my very own path,
I tell them out loud but they just laugh.
I wish I could fill them with happiness and joy,
But alas I'm just that naughty pathetic little boy.
I wish I was alone in the woods,
I'm just another of them people under the hoods.

I wish I wasn't one of many,
I'd rather be part of a few.
I wish I didn't have any,
Except for me and you.

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