Friday, 26 November 2010

The Stray

The sun comes and goes,
Breaking apart the darkness;
Within my world,
I block it out hiding in the shadows,
As the soft white velvet cloaks the world,
I sit here in solitude.
Emptiness and loneliness:
My only faithful emotions,
Pushing me evermore into the arms of despair,
I feel at home most within these;
Cold dark nights.
Destined to walk this Earth on my own.
If you love me let me go,
Like I will do for you.
I don't want to live life this way,
Never seeing or being;
Big talk and little action,
Both clinging to the edge;
Of a falling building.
Salvage what we can before time crushes it all.
I have no words to say;
No speeches to make:
No words can replace the pictures that should be,
All they create is barricades,
A ghost in your world,
Just an echo in your mind.
I become the anchor - Weighing your ship down,
If you aren't careful it will sink;
Falling deep into a sea of hate,
As the waves drown memories of happiness,
And the currents pull you away,
From memories yet to be seen.
You are free,
Free to be and free to live,
Don't wait up for me,
I am of no worth here,
Slipping away back into the shadows,
From where I watch and wait,
Emptiness and loneliness,
My doppelganger and I,
We are an empty vessel,
Our world our home: a bed,
To which better dogs lie.

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