Saturday, 20 November 2010

My Doppelganger Plots

The branches of the trees
Spreading across the night sky
Black spider webs reaching out
Fencing me in and keeping him away
The sky is a pastel evergreen
Reaching up into the black
Wood creaks and the rain
Slowly dripping down
Oozing out of the nothingness
Sinking slightly into the sodden earth
I dare not move
Nor breathe too deep
Fear surrounds me
As the black closes in
A rustle or crack of a branch
Fallen under foot nearby
I freeze trying to make not a sound
Fear surrounds me
Did he hear
Can he see me
Vulnerable and alone
My thoughts turn mutinous
He is behind me
I can hear him
His breath upon my neck
Wood creaks and the rain
Cascades down the mud covered walls
Of my shallow grave
Silently we both stand
Over my shoulders water
Falls from his nose and down my spine
The soaked leaves on the ground behind
Cry out to me
As he slowly moves
He has waited for me
Under the black web
And by the green skys light
I try to scream
To shout for help
No words come out
Not even a sound
As the air rushes into my lungs
My eyes close slowly
Shutting out the black and grey
The trees and bushes in the wood fade away
Fear grows as I open my eyes
There I stand
A silhouette against the black and green sky
Black webbed branches reaching
Out and through this shadow
As I raise my arms above my head
The mud covered boulder in hand
My defence is futile
The pain so intense
But only a memory
As the silence is broken by constant ringing
And the black
Washed away with white

Through the trees in the wood
By the black and green sky
Under the black webbed canopy
My ghostly twin is watching

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